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Cianjhen Senior High School |Kaohsiung Metro

Metro Guide
Station Information

Cianjhen Senior High School

  • Operating Routes: Red Line
  • Station Address: B1F, No. 225, Cuiheng N. Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Station Types: Underground
  • Platform Types: Island Platform

Real Time Train Service:20:55 PM

To Gangshan South
  • Next Train 2min(s)
To Siaogang
  • Next Train 0min(s)
Station Plan

Cianjhen Senior High School Station Plan

【Concourse Level】
●EXIT 1 : Stairs、Escalator(Up)、Accessible Elavator。、Toilet (including Accessible Toilet)。
●EXIT 2:Stairs、Escalator、Accessible Elavator。
●EXIT 3:Stairs。
●Unpaid Area:Ticketing Gate、Information、Information、Add Value / Automatic Ticket Issuing Machine、Payphone、AED。
●Paid Area:Stairs、Escalator、Accessible Elavator。Accessible Elavator to Platform Level。

【Platform Level】
●Platform Level:Stairs、Escalator、Accessible Elavator。Accessible Elavator to Concourse Level,Payphone on both ends of platform。