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Station Safety Facilities|Kaohsiung Metro

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Station Safety Facilities

  • Emergency Intercom

    Emergency Intercom

    Location: Platform Level
    Quantity: 8 sets
    Directions: Platform 1&2 of each station are equipped with 4 sets of emergency intercoms. When passengers encounter emergency, press the call button to contact with the station staff at the service desk.There is emergency intercoms at all platforms. When passenger encounters emergency, simply presses the call button to make contact with the station staff at the service desk.

  • Nighttime Safety Waiting Zone

    Nighttime Safety Waiting Zone

    Location: Platform Level
    Quantity: 2 places
    Directions: In order to protect passengers' safety, platform 1&2 of each station are equipped with nighttime safe waiting zone, surveillance systems and emergency rescue buttons, together with patrols by MRT police and security guards to ensure passengers' safety.

  • Escalator Emergency Stop Button

    Escalator Emergency Stop Button

    Placed beside the handrail of the escalator. When emergency occurs with the escalator, anyone can press this button immediately to stop the escalator.

  • Emergency Rescue Button

    Emergency Rescue Button

    Location: Restrooms and platform level
    Quantity: 2 places in each restroom and platform level
    Directions: Each restroom in MRT and waiting area of platform 1&2 are equipped with emergency rescue buttons. When the button is pressed, the station service desk staff or security guards will be alarmed and notified to handle the situation.

  • Under Platform Clearance

    Under Platform Clearance

    The concrete support facet below the platform is designed to provide sufficient space for the moving train plus extra retreating space for hiding from incoming train in case if passenger fell off the platform.

  • Platform Screen Door Emergency Open Device

    Platform Screen Door Emergency Open Device

    When passengers encounter emergency or any abnormal driving situation,passengers on the train can pull platform screen door emergency open device (the Red door handle) to open the platform screen door.

  • Emergency Stop Button

    Emergency Stop Button

    Location: Platform Level
    Quantity: 6 places
    Directions: Platform 1&2 of each station are equipped with 3 buttons. In case of an emergency such as passenger falls onto the track, passengers on the platform can press the emergency stop button to stop the incoming train immediately.