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Penalty Standards for Violations |Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Light Rail

Penalty Standards for Violations

Article 50 In any of the following circumstances, the person or driver shall be fined between NT$1,500 and NT$7,500:

I. Climb, jump or cling during moving vehicle.

II. Obstruct closing or opening without authorization of the carriage door or platform gate.

III. Personnel or vehicle of non-Mass Rapid Transit System to enter its routes, bridges, tunnels, culverts and places in the station area that are not accessible to the public, violated the provisions of the preceding section of paragraph 2 of Article 44.

IV. Did not properly go through the ticket inspection procedure, did not enter or leave the station or get on or off the vehicle in accordance to the prescribed premises or manner.

V. Reject or hinder staffs of Metro at the station or in the ar checking the ticket or performing their duties.

VI. Stay with persistence in the car that has already ceased passenger services.

VII. Collecting, distributing or posting promotional materials, selling merchandises or conducting any commercial activities in the car or in the station area without permission.

VIII. Bring animals into the car or station areas without permission.

IX. Eating and drinking, chewing gum or betel nut, or spitting sputum, betel nut juice, betel nut residue, discarding scrap paper, cigarette butts, chewing gum, fruits or their peel, core, juice, pomace or other general waste in the prohibited eating area of the Metro System.

X. Wandering at station entrances / exits, ticket gates, ticket machines, escalators or other passages, to the extend it hindered passengers from passing or using the facility.

XI. Not being a passenger but yet wanders around the hall or the platform level area, which hinders other passengers from using the facility.

XII. Lying in the chairs inside the car or on the platform.

XIII. Set up stalls, scaffolding or banquets within the scope of the Metro system's road rights without permission.

XIV. Play on the platform, cross the yellow warning lines, or walk or run on the escalator in the opposite direction, or other behaviors that affect the order and safety of operation.

In the case of violating any one of the preceding items, the Metro system personnel and the police will force the person to leave the station, car or the Metro area, and the ticket will not be refunded.


Article 50-1 In any of the following circumstances, a fine of NT$10,000 to NT$1,000,000 shall be imposed:

I. To enter the Metro system’s route, site, station or vehicle carrying the announced dangerous or flammable items without permission.

II. Manipulate station or vehicle equipment or obstructing the normal functioning of operation, electricity or safety system equipment.

III. In violation of the provisions of Article 44, paragraph 3, crossing Metro system rail; where KRTC has complete independent dedicated road rights, without using the bridge or underground passage.

In the case of one of the preceding paragraphs, the second paragraph of the preceding article applies. A person under the age of 14, the punishments goes to his or her legal representative or guardian for violation of the first paragraph due to poor supervision by the legal representative or guardian.