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Operating Regulations Operation Service Stipulations |Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Light Rail

Operating Regulations Operation Service Stipulations

I.Operating hours

(i) First and Last train: first train is at 06:30 and the last train is at 22:00.

II. Content

(i) Headway:

  •       headway of peak hour:10 minutes, (weekday 06:30-08:30、16:30-18:30,weekend 14:00-18:00)。
  •       headway of off-peak hour:15 minutes

(ii) En route hours: Lizihnei (C1) ~Makadao (C19)~ Lizihnei (C1), total time en route is roughly 90 minutes.

(iii) Lost and Found: when passengers lost their belongings, please proceed to the Metro service desk or Lost and Found Processing Center by filling in a Lost and Found Application Form or contact the Lost and Found Processing Center to search for the item(s).

  1. Lost and Found Processing Center Service Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 ~ 20:00.
  2. Telephone number: 07 -7939666 ext 25185.
  3. Location: Next to the entrance/exit 4 of the Metro Formosa Boulevard Station.

III. Ticket Regulations

(i) Ticket type and instructions of usage

Details of the ticket information can be found on our website.

(ii) Time Limitations

Except for matters attributable by the company, the time limit for passengers to stay in the paid zone is 2 hours. Those who stay beyond the time and were found at ticket-check are required to pay the minimum one-way fare.

(iii) Handling of train operation suspension

  1. In the event of an accident, disaster, strike, etc. or when the authorities approved up on; that could jeopardizes the passenger's safety whereby the transportation service is interrupted, the company will make announcement at the relevant station area and provide alternative transportation during the interrupted period.
  2. As the announcement is made to temporary suspend the operation, the affected passengers would be escorted or evacuated by the station staffs. Passengers with one-way ticket, one-day card, or on group tour can request a refund from Metro station service desk within 7 calendar days. Passengers on store-value cards, that particular fare will not be charged.

IV. This regulation is to be based on the latest announcement. If there are any outstanding issues, please follow the relevant government regulations and the relevant announcements posted at the Light Rail stations. If there are any doubts, please contact the Metro station service desk.