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Fire Equipment Safety Facilities|Kaohsiung Metro

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Fire Equipment Safety Facilities

  • Fire Hydrant Cabinet

    Fire Hydrant Cabinet

    A fire hydrant cabinet is installed every 20 meters in the public area of the station to provide personnel to extinguish fires in order to prevent the fire from expanding.

  • Smoke Barrier

    Smoke Barrier

    The glass hoods that are placed downwards from the ceiling of each floor, that can separate the smoke generated by the fire within a certain range while reduce its diffusion speed. Together with the smoke exhaust system allowing more time to effectively evacuate and put out fire.

  • Smoke Damper

    Smoke Damper

    The underground stations are equipped with smoke dampers. When fire breaks out, the fire alarm panel would receive a message and activates the smoke damper to exhaust the smoke.

  • Smoke Damper Manual Switch

    Smoke Damper Manual Switch

    When fire breaks out and the smoke damper cannot start automatically, personnel can manually turn on the smoke damper in order to start the exhaustion of the smoke.

  • Smoke Detector、Heat Detector

    Smoke Detector、Heat Detector

    It can automatically detect the fire signals and send a message to the fire alarm panel.

  • Evacuation Lights

    Evacuation Lights

    Indicate emergency exit and evacuation directions.

  • Local Fire Alarm Panel

    Local Fire Alarm Panel

    Located near the information center, it can provide information to the station fire detectors and fire equipment facilities.

  • Emergency Door

    Emergency Door

    Each floor has an emergency passage and door that goes directly to the ground level. When there is an unexpected situation where one cannot leave the station via the normal exit, the emergency door can be used for evacuation.