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Stipulation for Passengers with Bicycles|Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Light Rail

Stipulation for Passengers with Bicycles

Kaohsiung Light Rail Guidelines on Passengers Carrying Folding Bicycles (updated on April 3, 2018)

I. Available route and schedule: Passengers are allowed to carry a non-powered folding bicycle to car during the operating hours of Light Rail at all stations, free of charge.

II. Access the station: please use the barrier-free ramps and elevators going in and out of the station (maximum 2 bikes per time). It is only possible to carry or walk along with the bike. It is prohibited to ride or slide on the bicycle.

III. Access the car: before entering the Light Rail car, please ensure the bicycle is property folded and secured on the car where it would not affect other passengers.

IV. Special precautions for passengers with folding bicycle:

(i) Once been ruled that the bicycle is not a folding bicycle or that the bicycle was not properly folded before entering the car, KLRT has the right to reject transportation. Furthermore, it would not reimburse the fare that has already been paid for.

(ii) Should be kept clean, if considered dirty, KLRT has the right to reject transportation.

(iii) Ensure the bicycle stay with the carrier. The passenger should hold on to the bicycle when inside the car and also ensure the bicycle is not left unattended.

(iv) Passengers with folding bicycle should pay attention to other passengers entering or exiting the car together with their safety, be courteous to their routes and please also ensure the bicycle doesn’t dirty other passenger’s clothing.

(v) If any damages made to KRLT or the third party, passenger carrying the bicycle is legally responsible.

(vi) If the bicycle caused other passengers any inconveniences or affected their safety, KRLT can reject transportation.

(vii) In case of emergency, KLRT has the right to stop passengers carrying folding bicycle in and out of the Light Rail System.

(viii) One should strictly abide to the provisions of the Mass Rapid Transit Law, relevant laws and regulations and the “Passenger Guidelines” set by KLRT together with all the indications set in this document. If there are any violations, the passenger would be held responsible while bearing all the liabilities for their own damage. KLRT is not liable for any damages.

V. Based on the operational needs, KLRT is required to make announcement on the Passenger Guidelines if there are any adjustments made to the time, station and other relevant regulations for passengers to carry folding bicycle on board