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Riding Method|Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Light Rail

Riding Method

  • 1Ticket Purchase
    Automatic one-way ticket vending machin
    Purchase one-way ticket
    The automatic one-way ticket vending machine is a touch screen machine that only sells one-way ticket. Please make sure you have coins as the facility does not accept any notes.
    Every automatic one-way ticket vending machine is labeled with step by step sticker. Please follow the procedures to purchase a ticket.
    Fare gate on the stationFare gate on the light rail
    Electronic Ticket
    Passengers with iPASS, happycash, Easycard, icash can simply sense their card on the sensor area of the fare gate, once checked, allows one to enter the paid area of the station. Currently, the ticket is a single priced ticket, so there is no need to re-sense the card upon exiting to avoid repeated reduction. A child under 6 years old can ride for free with accompaniment of a ticket-paying passenger.
    Note 1: For those with social welfare status (elderly, disabled / disabled accompaniment) who needs to purchase single-trip ticket, please purchase the ticket first, take the trip, then please go to any of the Kaohsiung Metro Station Service Desk with proof of ticket purchase and relevant identification document to obtain the half-price reimbursement on the day of travel.
    Note 2: Those who do not hold a valid ticket (no ticket, used an invalid ticket or fraudulently use other’s identity to purchase ticket) will be reported in accordance with Article 49 of the Mass Rapid Transit Law. On top of paying for the trip taken, one would also be penalized to pay 50 times of the original ticket price.
    Note 3: The light rail cars are prohibited from eating and drinking. If violated, one will be reported in accordance with Article 50 of the Mass Rapid Transit Law. The named passenger will be fined between NT$1,500 and NT$7,500.
  • 2Riding Method
    Press the button to board/get off the car
    Press the button to board/get off the car
    As the train enters the station and after it stops properly, passengers are to press the button on the train to board or get off the train. It is advised not to stay near the doorway and try to proceed on/off the train in timely manner.
  • Gentle reminder

    As all Kaohsiung Light Rail stations are simply designed, so there is no lavatory for passengers. However, such facility is available near the station, as indicated below:

    1. The map at the waiting area of the station will indicate the close by public toilet.(Toilet illustration)

    2. On-site service personnel can provide the information: At present, there is a security personnel at C14. Kaohsiung Metro staff will checking-in from time to time at the remaining stations.