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KRTC Operation Service Stipulations |Kaohsiung Metro

Metro Guide

KRTC Operation Service Stipulations

I. Operating Hours

(i) First and Last Train:

  1. Siaogang Station to Gangshan station: First train 05:55, last train 00:00.
  2. Gangshan Station to Siaogang station: First train 05:55, last train 00:00.
  3. Daliao Station to Hamasen station: First train 06:00, last train 00:00.
  4. Hamasen Station to Daliao Station: First train 06:00, last train 00:00.

(ii) Last train allowing transit at Formosa Boulevard Station (passengers are advised to arrive early at the platform for train)

  1. To Gangshan:00:21
  2. To Siaogang:00:32
  3. To Hamasen:00:16
  4. To Daliao:00:05

II. Service Details

(i) Headways

  1. During peak hours, headway is less than 6 minutes.
  2. During off peak hours, headway is less than 8 minutes.
  3. During late hours, headway is less than 20 minutes.

(ii) Operating duration: Red Line is around 50 minutes and Orange Line is around 23 minutes.

(iii) Handling of Lost of Found: when passengers lost items within the jurisdiction of the Metro, one can either go to the train service desk or the lost and found center to fill in the report for the lost item or make a phone call to the lost and found center in search for the item.

  1. Lost and Found Center service hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00~20:00 (closed on public holidays).
  2. Lost and Found Center telephone number: (07)793-9666 extension 25185.
  3. Lost and Found Center location: at the Formosa Boulevard Station (on passage at the Entrance / Exit No. 4).

(iv) Medical Services: If the passenger has any pain or discomfort when in the Metro system, please inform the crew immediately to request for medical treatment.

(v) Barrier-Free Services: Wheelchair loan service in the Metro system (for use at the station only) and guidance service for the visually impaired passenger.

III. Ticket Regulations

(i) Ticket types and instructions

Details of the ticket information can be found on the company website.

(ii) Passengers holding tickets; unless on matters attributable by the company, the entering and leaving the paid zone on the fare and time limitation are as follows:

  1. One needs to pay the announced fare set by the company with time limit for entry and exit of different stations to be no more than 2 hours, or extra fee may be incurred.
  2. For those who stayed more than 15 minutes in the paid zone of the same station not only need to pay the lowest one-way fare announced by the company, extra fee may also need to be paid (maximum time for staying in the Formosa Boulevard Station is 15 minutes, no fee is required for under 15 minutes. However, if one exceed the 15 minutes in the paid zone then not only is required to pay the lowest one-way fare announced by the company, but extra fee may also incur).
  3. Even if one enter or exit from the same station would need to pay the fare announced by the company unless for special circumstances (such as: borrowing the toilet), one can contact the station staff for assistance.
  4. Passengers who are unable to leave the station for any reason, once verified by the station staff, should leave the station within 10 minutes. Exceeding the time may incur in extra fee.

(iii) Course of actions when train operation is interrupted and passenger compensations

  1. The company shall, in the event of an accident, disaster, strike, etc. that endangers the safety of the passengers, or with the consent of the relevant authority to interrupt the operation services and evacuate the passengers out of the station, notifications will be made at the relevant station areas,.and with the consideration on the safety of passengers to provide alternative transportation connections during the time of operation interruption with other ground level transportation, passengers can apply for full refund within 7 calendar days from the day of operation interruption. Alternatively, the ticket information can be automatically corrected free of charge through the ticket gate, or ask the service desk to correct the ticket information free of charge.
  2. If passengers are trapped in the car or the elevator for more than 20 minutes due to system failure, one single-trip ticket would be compensated for every 20 minutes trapped (single trip ticket can be used within 30 days from the date of issuance with unlimited mileage on the MRT). Passengers who are trapped due to operation interruption may request for refund or correction of ticket information in accordance to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
  3. The company will post on website on delay or operation interruption of trains, passengers may download the proof or ask the station service desk to issue a certificate indicating the delay or operation interruption.

IV. This stipulation is to be based on the latest announcements. If there are any outstanding issues, please follow the relevant government regulations and station announcements. If there are any doubts, please contact the station service desk.

V. All stations has a sign for customer service hotline of (07) 793-8888, or you can contact the station staff for assistance. There is also passenger suggestion box for passengers to make complaints or provide suggestions for improvements. Visitors can also use our website: http://www.krtc.com.tw to give feedbacks.