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Penalty Standards for Violations

Excerpted from The Mass Rapid Transit Act.

Article 50 

1. The offender or driver will be subject to a fine of more than NT$1,500 and less than NT$7,500 in any of the following situations:

(1) Climbing onto, jumping off, or hanging over a moving train.

(2) Obstructing train doors or platform doors from closing, or opening them without permission.

(3) Non-mass rapid transit system personnel or vehicles that violate the second paragraph of Article 44 by trespassing on mass rapid transit tracks, bridges, tunnels or mass rapid transit premises not open to public access.

(4) Avoiding ticket procedures or use improper methods to enter/exit stations or get on/off trains.

(5) Refusing ticket checks conducted by mass rapid transit personnels or hindering their the performance of their duty.

(6) Remaining in the carriage when the train is not in service and disregarding requests to leave.

(7) Raising funds, distributing or posting advertisements, peddling goods, or conducting other commercial activities within carriages or stations without permission.

(8) Bringing animals into mass rapid transit stations or carriages without permission.

(9) Drinking, eating, chewing gum or betel nut ; spitting phlegm or betel nut juice; littering with cigarette butts, gum, food waste or other rubbish within the restriction areas of a mass rapid transit system.

(10) Hindering other passengers from passing through or using station entrances/exits, ticket-reading gates, ticket vending machines, escalators or other passages, and disregarding the requests to leave.

(11) Loitering in station concourses or platform areas for purposes other than taking trains, thereby hindering other passengers from passing and disregarding the requests to leave.

(12) Lying down on train or platform seats and disregarding the warnings.

(13) Operating stalls, putting up canopies, or organizing banquets within the mass rapid transit system premises without permission.

(14) Behaviors such as playing on the platform, crossing yellow warning lines, or not complying with the directions by walking or running on the escalator, or affecting the operation order and operation safety without permission.

2. Persons who commit any of the violations listed in the preceding paragraph shall be forced to leave mass rapid transit system premises by the joint force of mass rapid transit system personnels and police. No refund will be made on fares for uncovered journeys.

Article 50-1

1. Offenders shall be subject to a fine of more than NT$10,000 and less than NT$1,000,000 in any of the following situations:

(1) Bringing hazardous or combustible substances into mass rapid transit routes, depots, stations or trains without permission.

(2) Tamper with station or train facilities, hindering normal operation of trains or power and security systems.

(3) Violate Paragraph 3 of Article 44, by crossing mass rapid transit routes without using overpasses or underground passages.

2. Paragraph 2 of the preceding article shall apply to all persons who commit any of the violations listed in the preceding paragraph.

3. For persons under fourteen years of age violating the regulations referred to Paragraph 1 of this article due to lack of oversight from their legal representatives or guardians, their legal representatives or guardians shall be punished.