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Mobile Device (NFC)|Kaohsiung Metro

KRTC Tickets Information

Mobile Device (NFC)

Eligibility General public
Applicable Public Transports Kaohsiung Metro
Fare Rate Single Fare
Discount Offer For details and related offers, please contact the credit card issuing organization or the issuing bank or the official website.
Remark 1. Support NFC-enabled mobile devices (such as mobile phones, smart watches etc.) with designated Visa, MasterCard, JCB or China UnionPay credit cards, need to have completed bank’s online verification before usage.
2. Non-countless credit card can also be designated.
Notice 1. Available for mobile device on the market today, except for some restrictions on certain types of cell phone. It is also related to whether the bank has cooperation with the operator. When credit cards cannot be assigned to the NFC, please contact the issuing bank for confirmation.
2. You can bring your mobile device to check/print the ridership record at the service counter. (within the 3 months period)