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Can the public visit the public art event at the Formosa Boulevard station?|Kaohsiung Metro

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Can the public visit the public art event at the Formosa Boulevard station?

To appreciate the public art at the Dome of Light at the Kaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard Station is not just with the eyes, but also with ears. In order to promote the public art of Kaohsiung Metro - "The Dome of Light", and to let people understand the creation behind the dome, KRTC launched the public art audio tour service.

The audio tour of the Dome of Light lasts 49 minutes is divided into seven sections. The content includes the introduction of the creater Narcissus, the origin on the creation of the Dome of Light, an overview of the creative concept, and the story behind the four elements of water, earth, light and fire, plus the meaning behind each totem. Furthermore, there is an 8 minutes essence version of audio tour. Passengers can choose the one suitable to them.

The Dome of Light guide tour service can be rented from the merchandise store of the Formosa Boulevard and Kaohsiung Stations. Please remember to bring effective and valid identification for the rental (for example, ID card, driver's license, national health insurance card or handicap handbook that has a photo ID. Foreigners are required to provide passport).

Kaohsiung Metro Merchandise Stores telephone number: (07)793-9666 ext. 11018.