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St.Joseph Hospital(St. Dominic Catholic High School)|Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Light Rail
Station Information

St.Joseph Hospital(St. Dominic Catholic High School)

  • Operating Routes: LRT
  • Station Address: Intersection of Dashun Third Road and Jianguo First Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City
  • Station Types: Ground Level Station
  • Platform Types: Side Platform
First and Last Train
  • Clockwise Loop
  • Workdays
    • First Train06:42
    • Last Train23:19
  • Weekends, Holidays
    • First Train06:44
    • Last Train23:19
  • Counterclockwise Loop
  • Workdays
    • First Train06:36
    • Last Train22:21
  • Weekends, Holidays
    • First Train06:41
    • Last Train22:16