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Ciaotou Station|Kaohsiung Metro

Metro Guide
Station Information

Ciaotou Station

  • Operating Routes: Red Line
  • Station Address: No. 12-1, Zhanqian St., Qiaotou Dist., Kaohsiung City 825, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Station Types: Elevated
  • Platform Types: Island Platform
Entrances & Exits
  • Exit1
    Ciaotou Suger Refinery
    Ciaoyan Rd.
    Ten Drum Ciatou Creative Park
    ElevatorUp Escalator
  • Exit2
    TRA Ticket Gate
    Chenggong Rd.
    Ciaotou Elementary School
    Ciaotou Junior High School
    Ciaotou District Office
    Taiwan power service station
    Zhanqian St.
    Ciaotou Rd.
    Tangbei Rd.
    ElevatorUp and Down EscalatorToilet公共の自転車