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Fongshan|Kaohsiung Metro

Metro Guide
Station Information


  • Operating Routes: Orange Line
  • Station Address: B1F, No.446, Guangyuan Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan (R.O.C)
  • Station Types: Underground
  • Platform Types: Island Platform

Real Time Train Service:23:24:58

To Daliao
  • Next Train 11min(s)
To Sizihwan
  • Next Train 1min(s)
Entrances & Exits
  • Exit1
    Fongshan Elementary School
    Chenglan Emplacement
    Fongshan Stadium
    Bureau of Labor Insurance
    Fengshan First Public Market
    Fengshan Second Public Market
    Sanmin Road Shopping District
    Up and Down EscalatorBike
  • Exit2
    Caogong Elementary School
    Fong-yi Tutoriul Academy
    Fongshan Train Station
    ElevatorUp EscalatorToilet